Come, join in!

Disciples Pray.

Every weekday (M-F) at noon (Central time), we gather on a conference call to pray. Each prayer call begins with scripture reflection and includes a time to share any prayer requests you might bring – joys, concerns, gratitude, and more! To join for a day or every day, contact us for more information.

Every Sunday during on-campus worship you are invited to write your prayer request on a provided piece of paper and place it in one of our two prayer crosses. These prayer requests are never read, but they are prayed over by many members of the congregation throughout the week.

Disciples Worship.

Worship is not a spectator event. Your presence and participation are needed to offer God our best. We offer worship on-campus and online each week. Our worship services are intimate, inspired, and engaging. Come ready to wrestle with God’s word, reflect on life, and receive God’s grace through the Lord’s Supper, which is open to all who believe.

At our on-campus worship services, you are invited to share your prayer requests, to sing (in the congregation, with a small group, or solo), and to serve at the table with our pastor or other presider. Contact us for more information.

Disciples Learn.

From womb to tomb, followers of Jesus continue to learn and grow in God’s word of grace. At First Christian Church of Pasadena (FCCP), we provide many avenues for your Christian education, including:

  • Children’s Celebration

      Children’s Celebration (for toddlers through grade school) meets every Sunday during on-campus worship. The children are taught age-appropriate lessons from the Bible in a safe environment.

  • Adult Sunday School

      The Young at Heart adult Sunday school class meets every Sunday at 10am in the FCCP building. You are welcome to join!

  • Disciple Oaks Camp and Retreat Center

      FCCP supports the ministries of our church camp, Disciple Oaks Camp and Retreat Center, which offers weekend and week-long outdoor ministry events for all ages.

  • Daily Scripture Reading

      Each Sunday we are given a daily scripture reading to help us prepare for the next time we worship together. Please contact us for a list of this or next month’s reading assignments.

Jr. High Sunday School

This every-other-week class (called "Chi Rho" after the first 2 letters of "Christ" in Greek) is specially tailored for young teens. Come ready to think and ask questions. The class will meet on January 14 & 28, February 11 & 25, and so on.

Disciples Share.

There are many ways we serve God through sharing at First Christian Church of Pasadena (FCCP). The most familiar to many people is the weekly offering during worship service. A lot of our congregation prefers to give through Venmo or Zelle.

“Change for Change” is an opportunity to empty all the coins from your wallet while making a difference in the world. This winter and spring, we will be contributing to projects that provide safe water for our neighbors.

Each month FCCP focuses on gathering gifts to share with a local ministry. For example, in May we are collecting coffee, koolaid, and new men's socks for The Wheelhouse, a local agency supporting men freeing themselves of alcohol and drug addiction.

Join us for worship service at 10:50 am every Sunday • Recording also uploaded to YouTube & Facebook